Our Services

Medical Transcription

GP, consultant, full clinic, hospitals.  Whatever the specialty we can help.  We are able to support all medical facilities with transcribing their specialists dictation.  Northern Transcripts will transcribe your audio in a time frame that suits your business model.

We don’t tell you when your dictation will be transcribed and completed, we work to support your business model so you choose the turn around time.  If you want your dictation returned in 2 hours, you’ll get it.  Of course we will also turn files around STAT when needed and our workflow system (E-type) has a facility for flagging those urgent files.

Legal Transcription

Northern Transcripts supports solicitors, barristers and entire firms with teams of professionals working in the office and from remote locations.

We can turn around all legal documents in a timely manner and even whilst you may be at court.

You can record using desk based systems or mobile devices and turn around times can be shaped to suit your working model.

We also offer a record and transcribe service for Evidence on Commission in Northern Ireland, Ireland  and the UK.  Rates on request.

Admin Support

Start ups and small businesses may struggle in the early days  having to employ staff to answer phones, type letters and deal with accounts.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down in the admin side of things.  We can help and leave you free to do what you do best, your business.

We are here to make your life easier and compared to employing individuals we are a much more cost effective option.

Media-TV, Film & Radio

We transcribe a wide range of audio recordings across many industries. Film, TV, radio, web and media production.

Having transcribed the likes of BBC Question Time we are fully aware of the importance of turn around time and accuracy.

We know what it takes to impress and we take our part in the process extremely seriously.

Academic Transcription

Whether you are a researcher, academic or student you can save yourselves hours and hours of time in front of the screen and keyboard. We can take some of that stress off your hands with fast and accurate academic transcription services.

If you’re involved in a research project, you will know how much time it takes to transcribe your interviews and group discussions. The solution is to send your digital audio recordings to Northern Transcripts, simples!

We can cope with all of your academic transcription projects. Whether it’s a single file or multiples we can turn the files around in a time frame to suit you.

We have been transcribing for the academic world in the UK since 2006.

From one-to-one interviews to complicated focus groups we will transcribe your digital recordings accurately and confidentially in a time frame to suit you.

Financial Transcription

Financial transcription including financial reports, interim results, business surveys, sales reports, or annual meetings with shareholders or investors. We do them all, accurately, timely and skilfully.

Financial transcriptions require a high level of accuracy due to the complexity of volume of prices, interest reports, sales results, incomes and expenses, spreadsheets, etc. The tiniest mistake can result in significant and possibly negative consequences, so accuracy is vital. You can rely on Northern Transcripts to deliver.

Files are double proofed because of the importance of accuracy for investors, shareholders and company executives.

All of our team have English as their first language. We do NOT outsource to third parties and no audio files are sent outside of the UK or Ireland.

We can deal with all formats of audio, webcasts, podcasts and videos.


Or I always wanted to know that…..

If the answer is not here then please pick up the phone and call, one of our great team has the answer.

How fast can my digital audio files be turned around?

We are normally able to transcribe digital audio files in as little as two hours (depending on audio length).

On a day to day basis your turn around time will depend on your contract.

STAT medical files are transcribed on receipt.

Yes, if you are just starting out or have been established for any years  we can almost certainly help.

We can assist in call and diary management, billing and correspondence.

In a word, no.

All of our team are based in the UK or Ireland.


Yes, the company donates annually to Cancer charities.

I had the misfortune in 2012 to be diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I was treated brilliantly by the NHS and my prognosis of 18 months to live was thankfully woefully inaccurate.

So, you will never receive a Christmas card or hamper from Northern Transcripts.

Instead we make a donation to one of the national cancer charities. 

Yes we can.  We are able to transcribe court recordings using For The Record (FTR).

Our legal team are experienced in all types of legal documentation including affidavits, contracts, defence and counterclaim etc.

We generally charge by the line of type.  Depending on the job in hand we sometimes charge per audio minute or per audio hour.  Other factors are also taken into account like, how clear is the audio recording, how many speakers are there on the audio, do you require verbatim or edited output.

We have found over the years that some people talk very fast or very slow when recording.  When charging by the line you are paying for the words typed, no long pauses or slip ups if you let the voice recorder run on and on.

We will always try to find the most economical method for you because we want you to come back to us again and again.